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lcd flat panels, florida

16   /   06   /   2023


enhanced viewing in airports for information systems 

special optics for display in airpots 

The inherent dullness of LCD displays makes it difficult, if not impossible, for users to view the display without eyestrain. In addition, unprotected displays are vulnerable to rupture, cracking and breakage. Traditional plexi-glass does little to protect these costly components, and is itself vulnerable to scratches, pitting and other damage.


We use antireflective coated glass with high transmissivity to increase light transmission while cutting down on glare and reflection. This creates a clearer, sharper view of the LCD display compared to standard plexiglas.


Our optical coatings absorb excess light and protect against screen deterioration from outside exposure.


You get the benefit of a very sophisticated antireflective glass (similar to a camera lens) that is rugged enough to stand up to the toughest conditions, making it the perfect "invisible shield" for public access kiosks, CRT, ATM and touch screen applications.


Superior Contrast Enhancement/Reflection Control is achieved through proprietary thin film layers that eliminate glare and provide nearly invisible, reflection-free viewing.


More Durable Surface is less prone to scratching, breakage and other damage compared to regular glass.


Permanent Hydrophobic Coating repels all water and moisture, resists smears, and makes the glass easy to clean. We are a supplier to OEM manufacturers for inside the screen bezel display protection. Using tempered glass with anti-glare coatings, the display membranes on LCD flat panels are protected from impacts, gashes and fingering.

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