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cinema projection port window kennedy space station,


16   /   06   /   2023


Our port window glass is called Water White. The transmission rate is between 98% and 99%. The glass transmits 99% < 3mm thick, 98% > 6mm a thick of the visible spectrum. For more details on the specs see our Water White glass page.


This glass is ideal for use in theater projection rooms, in what are called port windows. The dual A/R Coating increases the transmissivity to provide true color through the glass. This is the highest clarity port window glass, with no coloration. The port glass in the projection room is nearly invisible.


Regular glass absorbs the colors and brightness of projected light, thus dulling the screen image. American Computer Optics's specially coated glass transmits more light onto the projection screen.


Movies are seen the way the Director and Cinematographer intended - with brighter, truer colors.


Our high transmission, two-sided anti-reflective coated clear glass is suitable for use in motion picture projection room construction. Our glass is especially suitable for multiple projectors, such as those in IMAX theaters, where every bit of light transmission is critical.

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