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Port windows are a specialized and often overlooked part of digital projection in both old and new theaters. Reel-to-reel film projectors did not require advanced optical technology for the port window. With the introduction of digital projectors, that became a necessity. The leading studios and major chains throughout the world have chosen OptiClear as their standard. Optical Coatings has supplied over ¾ of the world's cinemas. Our pricing, availability, customization & service all contribute to a high rate of customer satisfaction.


The quality of the projected image is your most important asset.  OptiClear™ Water White Projection Port Glass is the material of choice for theater projection ports where maximum transmission, on-screen contrast and ideal color rendering is critical. We start with exceptionally clear water white float glass, and then apply durable multi-layer broadband anti-reflection coatings to both sides. The result is a colorless port glass with the highest transmission and lowest surface reflection available. Preserve your investment in digital and 3D cinema by using the product recommended by digital and 3D projection system manufacturers.  Now available with an affordable, advanced hydrophobic coating for easy cleaning.


The way to achieve acoustic isolation is by having two separate pieces of glass of different thicknesses with an air gap in between. The separate thicknesses stop the sound vibrations from passing through to the other side. When clarity is imperative, it is critical to start with the highest transmission, lowest loss material available. For an interrogation room or sound studio where only one side must be transparent and the other side reflective; our Beam/Splitter (one way mirror) glass is used.




Many architects & engineers are turning to our glass as the main staple in the design of their commercial projects. Our glass is now an essential part of modern design. OptiClear™ Water White Anti Reflective glass is used in projects catering to the most discerning of clientele.

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