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Our coated glass technology offers flexibility, providing protection, clarity and easy viewing in various lighting environments: indoor/outdoor, fluorescent, backlighting, direct and ambient.


We have experience manufacturing and supplying glass to industrial equipment and technology manufacturers around the world.

Image by Bernard Hermant

Residential architectural projects that require the highest level of optimum performance of architectural glass use OptiClear Glass™ to suit their architectural glass needs. The importance of using high-quality Anti-Reflective glass for residential architectural projects is imperative to the intended architectural effect. 


Museums & galleries across the globe are using OptiClear for their art & show exhibitions. With our unequaled turn around time, we always come to the rescue for projects that require speed without sacrificing quality & cost.​

Image by Tyler Casey
view enhancements 

Whether overlooking the white water views of an oceanfront beach estate or seeing the sparkling city lights from a majestic penthouse; the builders’ choice in glass will make a significant difference in the outcome of the desired effect. Be sure to incorporate OptiClear Glass™ into your next project, because your customers deserve the best.

Image by Jacek Dylag
security case

Retailers need to keep in mind two things when building a display: Security & visual clarity. Using OptiClear Glass™ for your next commercial showcase or display will offer the highest security coupled with the most enhanced visual clarity possible.

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