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American Computer Optics is a leader in optical coated glass technology. Founded in 1985, we began as a manufacturer of computer glare screens. Our technology includes a variety of optically coated glass for computer systems enclosures, shipboard instrumentation, conductive coated glass for touch screens, tempered anti-reflective glass for LCD and plasma displays, display cases, water white glass for digital movie projection ports, and beamsplitters.


Maintaining its edge as a leader in design, manufacturing and innovation of new optical technology, the company constantly develops products to the highest rated standards. Today, we offer anti-reflective coatings to enhance viewing in every possible situation. When coupled with our high quality tempering process, our coated glass conforms to all standards for military ruggedized equipment manufacturers and VARs. 

We partner with our customers to create products that fit specific needs. In many instances, our product developments lead to multiple product upgrades within a customer's offering. For instance, a conductive coating can co-exist with our anti-reflective coating. This can facilitate the addition of touch screen capability to ruggedized equipment.


The American Computer Optics product line has been the standard choice of technology-aware users throughout the world to solve lighting, clarity and eye comfort issues in technology use.





Many architects & engineers are turning to the glass as the main staple in the design of their commercial projects. Not just for the ‘ultra-creative’, glass is now an essential part of modern design. OptiClear Glass™, Water White Anti Reflective in its properties is used in projects catering to the most discerning of clientele.


OptiClear Glass™ is the material of choice for theater projection ports where maximum transmission and on-screen contrast, ideal color rendering and polarized light performance is critical. With our fast turnaround and highest quality glass, there is no better choice. 

Image by National Cancer Institute

From observatories to underwater exploration and everything in between, OptiClear Glass ™ is used in research labs, medical facilities, universities, and international scientific projects to assist in their success.

Image by Ethan Wilkinson

All industries are realizing the importance of unobstructed connection from viewer to screen. It is known that the less distraction a viewer has with any type of screen, the more likely whatever the goal of the display is will occur. For many years American Computer Optics has optimized visual performance for all types of technology including indoor & outdoor digital signage, kiosks, mobile computing, and LED/LCD displays. 

Image by Arno Senoner

We manufacture specialty optics for high tech displays. VARs, OEM manufacturers and after-market resellers and distributors use our coated glass in their displays and products.


Each coated glass product has been designed to meet rigorous viewing specs for their applied technology.

Image by Dan-Cristian Pădureț

With the increase of data capturing devices relying on high definition optical solutions, one of the main components is the optically coated glass. OptiClear™ allows for the highest quality image retention without losing out on the quality of the required image.


We work closely with your design and engineering teams to ensure the highest level of quality control and understanding for each project.

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Tel: (949) 789-7700


20914 Bake Parkway, Suite 106 

Lake Forest, CA, 92630

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