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Specialty Optics for Technology

A beamsplitter, often called a half-mirror or one-way glass, is an optical window with a semitransparent coating that reflects some of the light and transmits the balance. While most beamsplitters utilize a single layer of MgF, our beamsplitters use a patented 3-layer process that reduces one-side reflection to less than 0.5%. In addition, our unique process enables us to coat large substrates suitable for architectural applications.

Standard Available Ratios
R/T Ratio

  • 10 / 90
  • 25 / 75
  • 30 / 70
  • 30 / 70 (AR)
  • 40 / 60
  • 40 / 60 (AR)
  • 50 / 50

Absorbing Beamsplitters

  • 45 / 45

Custom R/T ratios available.

Split beam glass has been used by our customers in unique display situations where a mirrored effect is required on the display when the power is turned off. This split beam mirroring effect does not interfere with the transmission of light through the display when the display is powered.

This optical coating is applied to 98% transmission glass and can be applied to tempered/non-tempered glass and used in conjunction with our hydrophobic coating.

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