American Computer Optics, Inc. - Leader in Optical Coated Glass Technology
The American Computer Optics, Inc. product line has been the standard choice of technology-aware users throughout the world to solve lighting, clarity and eye comfort issues in technology use.
OptiClear Line of Computer Filters

Since 1985, American Computer Optics has manufactured the highest quality glare filters. Our OptiClear line of filters all reduce glare and monitor emissions over 99% and are made of tempered glass. OptiClear is the only line of computer screen filters made of tempered glass, and the only line that coats both sides of the glass.

In 1995, we introduced out much acclaimed Magnifier Filter. Our Magnifier Filter computer screen doubles the screen image without distortion.

Our Privacy Filters are competitively prices and block side viewing outside 25 degrees of the straight on view.

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