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The American Computer Optics, Inc. product line has been the standard choice of technology-aware users throughout the world to solve lighting, clarity and eye comfort issues in technology use.
Commercial & Inustrial Glass Applications

Ruggedized Equipment
Our most satisfying success as a manufacturer has been in creating products for customer's unique needs and specs for their displays. In either outdoor or underwater, we have developed products for many harsh environments that need ruggedized displays to prevent breakage. Our A/R coatings provide extra hardness on both sides of glass for your display needs. 30%transmission, 50% transmission, and 70% transmission are available in custom and stock sizes. Our tempering process creates glass that is 3 to 5 times stronger than ordinary glass, and our cost competitiveness makes tempered glass from Optical Coatings is the perfect choice for outdoor, underwater or other environments where ruggedized displays are essential in minimizing damage and breakage. We supply to manufacturers that require ruggedization on touch control displays, kiosks, and public access info centers for outdoor applications, and ship board navigation systems, underwater or water surface displays, and underwater enclosures, in specifications of very small to very large sizes.

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