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The American Computer Optics, Inc. product line has been the standard choice of technology-aware users throughout the world to solve lighting, clarity and eye comfort issues in technology use.
Commercial & Inustrial Glass Applications

Given our ability to temper and coat large pieces of glass, we are a natural source for glass for enclosures and computer cabinet manufacturers. We can conform glass to many unique specifications, including radius corners and holes to meet the needs of enclosure manufacturers.

Our tempered and coated glass is dig and defect free and cost competitive when compared with safety and annealed glass. Our anti-glare and anti-reflective coatings improve display viewing for enclosures, outperforming smoked or tinted glass. We can also apply a hydrophobic coating which eliminates dust, dirt and oil build-up. Hydrophobic coated glass can be cleaned with a dry cloth.

The hydrophobic coating will not optically change the A/R glass plate. It is extremely durable and repels water, as well as any other undesirable matter, including salt spray. To clean the surface, simply wipe the surface with a dry clean cloth.

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