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The American Computer Optics, Inc. product line has been the standard choice of technology-aware users throughout the world to solve lighting, clarity and eye comfort issues in technology use.
Commercial & Inustrial Glass Applications

Anti-Glare/Anti-Radiation Glass
Our antiglare filters are made of a conductive, antireflective coated glass that grounds the ELF/VLF radiation from cathode ray tubes, protecting the operator from radiation while reducing glare and improving contrast. By selectively blocking out portions of the light spectrum that cause annoying reflections, our filters allow for greater clarity and contrast enhancement. In addition, our two-sided conductive coating blocks ELF/VLF radiation.

Our antiglare coated glass is utilized with both CRT and flat panel displays. Their uses encompass commercial, industrial and scientific display applications. Examples of such uses include displays in industrial production lines, informational data displays, point of purchase terminals, and more. Our optical coated glass products come in custom sizes up to 24" x 30" (and even larger). It is available in stock sheet or can be cut to size, ready for assembly in your glare filter framework.

  • Reduces glare up to 99%
  • Enhances contrast up to 18 times
  • Reduces ELF/VLF radiation up to 98%
  • Eliminates static

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